ERÇİM  Meat Processing and Livestock By-product Recycling Systems


  • Designing, engineering, manufacturing, and maintenance of meat processing and livestock by-product recycling systems
  • High quality and proven track record of more than 20 years
  • Turnkey facilities
  • Individual equipments
  • Custom manufacturing
  • Constantly increasing clientele

ERÇİM gives the first priority to the productivity and quality of its products regardless if they are turnkey projects or custom manufacturing. Also, low energy consumption and a green approach are among our priorities.

The close and good communication with our clientele gives us the opportunity to optimize the projects for the best productivity. Our after sales service keeps our systems up and running all the time with a well deserved customer satisfaction.

ERÇİM which started business as a manufacturer of slaughterhouse equipment in the past, manufactures any kind of quality equipment, complete facility solutions,  customized machinery, and offers after sales service. 

We have core competency in Rendering equipment and a proven track record in manufacturing the food waste recycling systems throughout many years.

Commercial refrigeration equipment required for the above said services, is another field of expertise of ERÇİM. Our manufacturing range also includes many other products from walk-in freezer/coolers to condensation systems.

DAF Unit wastewater treatment systems made by ERÇİM are preferred by our clientele for either slaughterhouses or other sectors, due to high productivity of the systems.