Diğer İmalatlarERÇİM which provided better services based upon the 20 years of manufacturing experience, has also delivered many projects other than Rendering and recycling projects.

Thus, we have been providing ongoing services to our clientele in the sectors and projects listed as follows.

Other than various products, ERÇİM, also provides project and engineering services, after sales technical support, maintenance and spare parts services, and meets customer needs in the fastest and the best ways.

  • Belt conveyors and screw conveyors made of stainless steel
  • Machinery and products for miscellaneous purposes for food facilities
  • Overhead lines
  • Chillers and condensers
  • Any kind of poultry slaughterhouse equipment
  • DAF unit wastewater treatment
  • Food machinery in various fields
  • Custom manufacturing
  • Projects and engineering services
  • After sales technical support, maintenance and spare part services
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