RenderingRendering Systems which is the core competency of ERÇİM Recycling Systems have been both protecting environment and manufacturing profitable products for slaughterhouses and/or abattoirs by recycling livestock by-products

We have been a solution provider by means of custom engineering for various facilities to present cost-effective solutions to the investers. 

Our Field of Interests:

Rendering plant for poulty waste

This is an environment friendly and economic system for the investor. It processes the by-products from chicken or turkey slaughterhouses either in mixed form or separately. We provide with the optimal system for our clients by coming up with the custom solutions adapted and modified as per capacity and premises.
Rendering products are separated as “poultry by-product meal” and poultry fat. Poultry by-product meal is a dry, fine powder and it is used as an ingredient in many products from dog food through fertilizers to fish food. Poultry fat is used as an ingredient in dog food and a feedstock in chemical industry. Both of them are highly profitable feedstocks for investors.

Rendering plant for cattle waste

Carcasses and by-products from the bovine slaughterhouses go through grinding procedure first and are cooked thereafter. Tallow/grease extraction procedure is performed via centrifugation or screw pressing. The system may be modified as per request and other needs.

Rendering 2Rendering products are separated as “protein by-product meal” and tallow. Just like poultry waste, these become ready-to-use ingredients or feedstocks in many sectors.

Rendering System

Rendering Systems does have a long and complex structure. Major compartments of the systems are as follows:
- Animal carcass, livestock by-product storage and transportation
- Process (Hydrolising, storage, moisture removal)
- Tallow/grease/poultry fat separation
- Tallow/grease/poultry fat processing and storage
- Product processing and storage
- Vapor condensing
- Odor removal

ERÇİM provides the optimal system with its fully functional lines, either as complete facility or individual machinery for your needs through a high quality and fast way.